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Certification in Artist development. Music Executive Certification from NYU/ Clive Davis institute. Focus on Artist Brand and Content. 7 yrs Business Management experience.

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CO-CEO, and General Manger of DJ Coalition DMV

Artist Manger certified. Life coach certified . Focus on Artist Marketing campaign and music contracts. 5 yrs music industry experience.

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Keenma Jones

Marketing and TikTok Marketing Rep.

Being able to reach your audience is just the start, you have to keep them engaged. Without the right marketing skills or plan it just want work.

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Artist Workshop

  • Date: 4/24/2020 14:14

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Limelight Artist Management is a company that focus solely on the Artist development. Our goal is to help a Artist find themselves and guide them along the way. Our belief is that if you help the Artist to maneuver throughout the music industry they then can focus on their craft and that is making great music. The Artist will go through different stages of their career to reach their full potiental. We first, start with the Artist mental mindset find out their strength and weakness to see what drives them or hinders them so, counseling is provided during development. Second, we focus on their paperwork, make sure they are properly registered to collect their royalties, copyrighted, and EPK. Next, we focus on their Brand and Content.....Brand wise this consist of helping with their merchandise, logo, creating an image, and photos. Content wise we coach them in the studio, voice lessons, find producers if needed, and help them find their sound. Then, they go to the next stage MARKETING, we help the Artist find their market target and how to target their market to create fans, more streams on digital platforms, and possibly get booked in their market. Upon the end of their 6 month development Artist will get placed with a PR to help further their exposure.

What we offer: ****Please note Artist must have budget to use some services.***** WE cannot offer a Management contract until after development unless development isn’t what Artist needs upon evaluation Then we manage on a 20% commission. All contracts are to be sign with a witness present.

Universal Music Distribution
Marketing strategists
Radio Promoter
Spotify playlist Bible
Dj coailition support
Info to indie/Major label to send EPK/music
EPK done
Guidance thru Project whether a EP, LP, Single, Album
Create Press Releases
Split sheets
Access to some of the best Engineers, producers, studios in the industry
Professional photos
Own all rights to music
Music copyrighted 
Publishing company
Investors (Depends on the investor when/how much they chose to invest in a Artist)

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$45 (50 mins) Include: music review. Limelight support Package

Management/Artist Development

6 month artist development contract (please contact for pricing) Management (please contact for info)

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marketing is provide thru a third party company (please contact for info)

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